AGONY’s On Top Of The World blends reality with artificial. Exploring the marriage of stock with filmed footage when you allow the stock footage to lead the story. 
(Direction, Editing, Titles)


A series of 3D animations for electronic artist Land Systems' single 'Avoid Those Below'. Glistening abstract shapes occupy this empty universe, dancing and interweaving amongst eachother.  Creating a sense of isolated bliss.
(3D Animation, Editing)

Land Systems

I was commisioned to re-edit KYE’s live performance adding a mythical flare by splicing and overlating found and archival film/documentary footage.
(Editing, Titles)


Video direction, conceptualisation, and editing of ‘Fireflies’ for 18YOMAN. The video is entirey conceived using found footage as well as available green screen effects to formulate a post-internet dreamscape.
(Direction, Editing, Titles)